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Very happy that all marriage is legal now in the US! (Kind of jelly of my friends who have pride parades in their areas. I wish I could have been a part of one or gone to one.)

Sorry for the lack in updates, I had one of my besties get married and weddings are chaotic, much less when you're in them. It was a beautiful day and ceremony! All kinds of love everywhere, it's amazing! 
  • Mood: Love
  • Reading: Tumblr feeds
  • Playing: the clarinet
  • Eating: wedding cake


United States
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Yo! Name's Aiden Paxton though people call me all sorts of things. I'm a traditional artist who draws to keep their sanity. If my weird awkwardness hasn't scared you away yet, congrats. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I
don't bite have had my shots. =P Laters!

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, studious/dedicated, goofy/bit of a dork, but can serious when needed

Favorite color: Aqua-green (but honestly I love all colors)

College Major: Biology Health Professions with a concentration in Neuroscience. Psychology minor. Currently going to grad school to become a chiropractor. And I'm a huge band geek (I play 10+ instruments, have more I want to learn on a list, and sing)

Likes: Many things and many fandoms (Ask me about my fandoms! Or you know, look at my stamps. But ask anyways I love talking about them!) Manga/anime, funny nerd stuff like GiantMicrobes toys or science nerd shirts, music, clever nerdy pick-up lines, drawing, confusing the shiet out of people, Doctor Who, video games, shiny and fluffy stuff, ALL THE PUNS!!! ..Oh and um...PONIES.

Dislikes: Flamers/trolls (haters gonna hate), liars, cheaters, art thieves, lima beans, songs getting stuck in my head, not getting enough time to art ;_; , and most of all--artist/writer's block. >~<

Favorite genre of music: Christian rock, country, J-Pop, some dubstep remixes, Owl City, Of Monsters and Men, classical/instrumentals, soundtrack music; I basically like anything that isn't rap, heavy or screamo. :I

Favorite mangas/anime: Uta no Prince-sama, Hetalia, Tenshi ja Nai, Norigami, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Kyo Kara Maoh, The Devil is a Part-timer!, OHSHC, FMA(b), W.Juliet, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2 and much more. Also love cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and classics like the TMNT, Spiderman, DBZ, and yeah.. wow.. lots of fandoms.


.:FREE:. bamboo Divider by Yujami.:FREE:. bamboo Divider by YujamiFree Red Panda icon by slothkittens.:FREE:. bamboo Divider by Yujami

How it feels to be gender-fluid...

Meanwhile people in the binary who've never heard of it are like...

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:tighthug: Hey Foo, sorry I'm so hard to get ahold of. My graduate school is super demanding and I'm entering clinic so that makes it harder. I keep telling my brother you're still wanting to hear from him and he says he misses you all and hopes to get around to it. We've had a lot happen in our family lately so it's a bit of a challenge.
I'm also on tumblr a bit more if you want to swing by there if you have an account. I totally get it if you don't though--while I'm happy with my corner of the blogspace I know it's notorious for being mean to lots of people.
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Aww, glad to hear that's been going well for you, and I'm glad your brother is doing well still.

I decided to leave tumblr a few months back actually, couldn't hang in there any more. I'll check out your page all the same though. :nod:
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Oh thank you! GIF Steven Universe - So Cute!  That makes me so happy!
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