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Applebloom's school project by Baron-Engel Applebloom's school project :iconbaron-engel:Baron-Engel 114 17 da TEM SHOP by FLSC da TEM SHOP :iconflsc:FLSC 25 5 Wrath of the Water(melon) Witch by Rhandi-Mask Wrath of the Water(melon) Witch :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 111 4 Malachite doodles by Rhandi-Mask Malachite doodles :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 364 9 Drameddie sketch commission 2 by Rhandi-Mask Drameddie sketch commission 2 :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 341 23 Roob Squad by Rhandi-Mask Roob Squad :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 127 6 Peridrink by Rhandi-Mask Peridrink :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 460 26 Momswap AU: Peridot by Rhandi-Mask Momswap AU: Peridot :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 411 22 Square Mom and Magic Son by Rhandi-Mask Square Mom and Magic Son :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 464 16 Protect by Rhandi-Mask Protect :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 584 44 Body swap doodles by Rhandi-Mask Body swap doodles :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 332 14 Jasper doodles by Rhandi-Mask Jasper doodles :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 660 46 Adaptability by Rhandi-Mask Adaptability :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 1,050 39 Steven Universe Book Club 2 by Rhandi-Mask Steven Universe Book Club 2 :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 1,237 77 The Steven Universe Book Club by Rhandi-Mask The Steven Universe Book Club :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 1,702 117 Tiger Bomb comic, pg. 8 (end) by Rhandi-Mask Tiger Bomb comic, pg. 8 (end) :iconrhandi-mask:Rhandi-Mask 62 10


Art trade with Gender-Ninja by Kiyomi-chan16
Cri Cry forever Pearl Emote 43 Happy Tears|Midoriya Izuku|Boku No Hero Academia My Hero Academia Icon 
Okay, so with that listed first some updates:
Midoriya|Boku No Hero Academia|Request|HeadBob WTF 
tiny f2u star bullet Hello to my new watchers wow and also to my veteran-watchers I love you all

tiny f2u star bullet Was rushing making my Centi cosplay for con month and therefore sorry for my inactivity. I did do a fully healed version for Con since the half-healed was taking longer than I planned. I may post some pics on my Tumblr. I got glomped by all the Stevens so it was great.

tiny f2u star bullet I have some new OCs (bnha has invaded my life), more SU emoji drawings, art trades, and some more misc. fandom things I will be finishing to post for you. I am also fumbling with my Cherry Blossoms: My life is an Anime re-write chapters. 

tiny f2u star bullet I was gone with :icondinorussia: for a week after con to go see :icontsukue67:, :iconchild-of-eire:, and both of their spouse-creatures. We had a great time nerding out and got lots of sun, food, Newfoundland kisses, and hugs. I miss living with you all. If only college living could be done without the soul-crushing homework/grades and loans... I swear we will build our hobbit-home village one day.

tiny f2u star bullet Murphy's Law decided to make me the guest of its newest reality TV season and didn't inform me. Aka: another family emergency occurred while I was gone on vacation. For some of you, you know my mother was in a nearly lethal car accident a week before my doctor-graduation back in February. Well she's been recovering well but it was my brother's turn. I'm concerned how he was sent flying since he was at a complete stop. He sustained some injuries but it was a blessing that my mother wasn't with him or she would have had her other leg broken plus who knows what. In short: we have no vehicles at all with no money to cover it. She didn't have insurance and we only have liability. So. With everything that's been going on with my loans and job search to have this happen has added more weight. Which is why the vacation was so important to me. But we shall press onward and hopefully everything comes together.

tiny f2u star bullet I just found a confirmation email about my Yuri Katsuki Nendoroid figure pre-order is coming in the mail and honestly I am so excited 
[ YURI ON ICE ] Happy Birthday Viktor ! [ YURI ON ICE ] :Kenjiro Minami: [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuuug 
tiny f2u star bullet Dream Daddy has also latched onto my fandom-chain and I'm all team Craig I love him so much his inability to give himself a break (spreading himself too thin and feeling guilty when doing something for himself) speaks to me on a spiritual level and I love his kids they are so cute I love them all I highly recommend you watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye's lets-plays

tiny f2u star bullet I have fallen in love with the most adorable stationary site please send help I'm going to spend way too much, and my Etsy wishlist keeps growing with fandom acrylic charms it's ridiculous... why don't I have more money?
F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 


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United States
FREE Bamboo Divider - short (new) by Yujami FREE Bamboo Divider - short (new) by Yujami Free Red Panda icon by slothkittens FREE Bamboo Divider - short (new) by Yujami
Genderfluid stamp by pulsebomb ask me about my pronouns by bachika Panromantic by pulsebomb 654923 by arcadepxl Inspiration Stamp, 100 Feet and Closing by endler

Yo! Name's Aiden Paxton though people call me all sorts of things. I'm a traditional artist who draws to keep their sanity. If my weird awkwardness hasn't scared you away yet, congrats. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I
don't bite have had my shots. =P Laters!

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, studious/dedicated, goofy/bit of a dork, but can serious when needed

Favorite color: Aqua-green (but honestly I love all colors)

College Major: Biology Health Professions with a concentration in Neuroscience. Psychology minor. Currently going to grad school to become a chiropractor. And I'm a huge band geek (I play 10+ instruments, have more I want to learn on a list, and sing)

Likes: Many things and many fandoms (Ask me about my fandoms! Or you know, look at my stamps. But ask anyways I love talking about them!) Manga/anime, funny nerd stuff like GiantMicrobes toys or science nerd shirts, music, clever nerdy pick-up lines, drawing, confusing the shiet out of people, Doctor Who, video games, shiny and fluffy stuff, ALL THE PUNS!!! ..Oh and um...PONIES.

Dislikes: Flamers/trolls (haters gonna hate), liars, cheaters, art thieves, lima beans, songs getting stuck in my head, not getting enough time to art ;_; , and most of all--artist/writer's block. >~<

Favorite genre of music: Christian rock, country, J-Pop, some dubstep remixes, Owl City, Of Monsters and Men, classical/instrumentals, soundtrack music; I basically like anything that isn't rap, heavy or screamo. :I

Favorite mangas/anime: Uta no Prince-sama, Hetalia, Tenshi ja Nai, Norigami, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Kyo Kara Maoh, The Devil is a Part-timer!, OHSHC, FMA(b), W.Juliet, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2 and much more. Also love cartoons like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and classics like the TMNT, Spiderman, DBZ, and yeah.. wow.. lots of fandoms.


Gender binary? Eff that!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Sorry for the absence/inactivity! I've been busy with con season! I will also be going on a roadtrip next week after con so after that I should be more active! I will reply to messages soon and post more art I've been working on!
Wait, when did I get over 60K views? stares harder I wonder if I should do something for celebration..When the spaghetti is just right Pinkie pie (hmm...) plz 
GIF Steven Universe - Gasp! :bademoticon: GIF Steven Universe - Burn!!!1 AAAAHHH WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FREAK OUT WITH ME ABOUT THE LATEST STEVEN BOMB BECAUSE I CANNOT KEEP THIS ALL TO MYSELF GIF Steven Universe -  Hundreds Of PURLS!? AAAHHHSteven Universe: Crying Lars 2 GIF Steven Universe - Facebowl 
I wanna do the Famethyst next on my Emoji challenge. I need about 6-7 suggestion combos (choose one from each A-E and 1-9) and this WILL include Skinny and Carnelian!



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